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Sound the spam announcement klaxon! The latest issue of Emergency exit fanzine has arrived back from the printers.

So if you want a easily digestible version of the ‘best’ bits of this blog, tweaked and improved and available for reading without the use of technology then head to the B/W&Read site to pick up a copy.

If you still want something that requires technology there is also a pay-what-you-feel ebook of the ‘zine. You can find that here.

Feel free to do me a solid and if you want to share the fact this piece of printed, folded and stapled paper exists then you can use the image below to advertise it to your hearts content. I’ll be eternally grateful, whilst you can bask in a warm glow of contentment for a good deed done.
EE2 spamming pictureNormal service will be resumed in the next few days.

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