Hope in hell.

Ok so this was written for something else but it won’t ever necessarily be ‘published’. Therefore I figured I’d stick it up here too. Variety is the spice of life?

The world as you know it is going to end. This is not a disaster movie nor a dystopian fantasy. Equally this isn’t a science fiction of utopia in unbridled progress. It’s reality, concrete. Time moves forward and unlike concrete the machinations of your world do not set, hard, weatherproof.

The world will change through actions of architects unknown to you and possibly unknown to themselves. You can break your back pushing against this marching wall or you can claim it as your own and surf the wave but do not suppose control.

All you can do is adapt. Embrace your evolutionary heritage and roll with the punches. Maybe you can hollow out a bolt hole, a bunker for a short period. Hunker down out of the storm but be prepared to abandon all and start again. You can’t physically prepare for the unknown and the unknowable but you can shore up your mental defences. Or design them cleverly to work with what you know of human and non-human nature and the passing of time.

Here Jensen enters stage left. All hope abandon ye who enter here. For if you don’t the future will appear as a hell to rival that dreamed up by Dante. The only known constant is that the future will be different. In abandoning hope you open yourself to hell being a different reality. One to which you will grow accustomed, a new normal.

As highlighted by ‘Bifo’ the idea of the future being a linear positive progression is dead. Don’t cling to it’s rotting corpse, float away into the ocean of the unknown embracing that risk. You will die either way. Leave hope behind but go further, cast off the expectation and longing for tomorrow. It will be hard, a life without hope and a life with no future feels problematic. It goes against the grain of our upbringing, it doesn’t sit well with the indoctrination of our childhoods.

No hope and no future does not mean we can’t of course still plan, still scheme. Survival is in our instincts, in our blood and gore. We therefore would find it hard to not consider the problem of tomorrow. Here we need to learn the skill of holding two opposing views in our minds at once. Casually disregarding what is to come to maintain equilibrium in our daily lives and in the extreme our sanity. Yet equally we must have one eye on the pot we’ve left simmering on that back burner. The pot of food for lean times should they arrive, preparedness for tomorrow.

The future will always arrive, prepare yourself mentally for hell and you can welcome it with a radiant smile.

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