The truth about Lars

Where did almost two weeks go? I’ve been enjoying myself in Germany but not really thinking about much. Part of me just doesn’t want to ride anymore and I definitely feel like I’m on the return leg. I’m almost covering the distance simply by adhering to routine.

However I’ve had some good times and met some great people in Germany. I’ve been to two gigs and another birthday party, so fun times. However for the past few days I’ve been fighting a cold. Either that or I have lymes disease.

An impromptu day off in Cologne today to rest so I don’t get really ill was definitely the right idea but now I will have to put in some big days to get to Geraardsbergen for Friday. In a way that is good and gives me a challenge and a purpose to focus the mind. Otherwise it just switches between malaise at the fact I’m heading home and looking forward to heading home and taking a break.

The truth about Lars? He definitely likes a drink and I need to apologise to him when he gets home because I’ve melted the bottom of his coffee pot.

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