Waiting game

So I’m back in the UK. I’m sad that I didn’t get to ride back through France and I’m back here two weeks early but I know it is the right choice. Much better to end my trip early and heal properly rather than jeopardise my future plans. When I returned to my parents I discovered that they had been plotting my journey on a map. Pretty rad.
France + Spain 2015My leg appears to be healing fairly well but I think I might have at least another week if not two of it being dressed regularly. It’s strange but as it heals it’s more painful. The burn essentially destroyed the nerve endings and I think that the feeling is coming back as they regrow. It’s not bad though it smarts a bit and has also started to itch but I wouldn’t say it is painful.

Please be prepared for a reduction in the number of posts over the next few weeks. Although I have lots of time on my hands I can’t ride and so probably won’t generate much in the way of ideas to write about. Feel free to suggest ways I can occupy myself. Whilst my leg heals I’m finding myself pretty much housebound which is feels very strange. Past the end of March I should be back to full strength and I have plans brewing which I will write about in the future.

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