Baby, I’m bored

I’m starting to climb the walls. My leg is healing well but it’s taking time and I can’t ride or run whilst it heals. Spending pretty much all day sat on the sofa with my leg elevated isn’t my idea of fun. To combat my feelings of itchy feet and take my mind off my itchy leg I’ve been looking to the future. The next chapter of my journey begins in April when I head back to Leeds for a few weeks to visit friends and tie up some loose ends.

Then at the end of April I head across to Clitheroe for the Cycle Touring Festival. I’m really excited for the event which has now sold out. Especially the opportunity to be involved as a member of the panel for the technical discussions on cycle touring equipment. I’m also looking forward to meeting other touring cyclists although I often find these sort of events challenging on a personal level. I can quite happily deal with meeting one or two new people at a time but I know I struggle in situations that mean interacting with a group of new people all at once. Time to work on being social and outgoing, I have these character traits I just struggle to use them.

After the touring festival I head back to Leeds for a couple of nights and then it’s off to Hull to catch the ferry across the North sea to the Netherlands. I have twelve weeks in which to tour before having to come back to the UK for my cousin’s wedding at the beginning of August. In a way I quite like the fact that all these weddings this year give me time limits to my trips abroad but it’s also slightly frustrating as it increases the costs in terms of ferries. From the Netherlands I intend to head north east through Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Depending on the speed I travel I’ll either end up doing an out and back route or if I find myself covering ground quickly a loop around the Baltic sea.

When I’m sat in one place and with access to a computer I also find it hard not to spend money. So far I’ve managed to limit this to a new larger tarp and some gaiters which will hopefully make wet bivying and wet riding more comfortable.  I’ve offset the costs of those new items though by selling my old tarp, some spare bike parts and a chunk of the record collection I’ve amassed over the last 20 years. However almost unconsciously I still find myself ‘window shopping’ for new bikes despite not having the money, storage space or even time to ride them! It’s hard to break years of programming that encourages you to spend and buy despite knowing I don’t need any of these things.

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