Wishing you were here

The best thing about touring on your own is changing plans on a whim or in an instant. Thinking actually I’ll do x not y that’s a good idea. So with 6 weeks ahead of me, lots of time, I decided to head to the coast not north. My hosts Jose and Maria in Murcia were discussing the forthcoming carnaval celebration at the weekend. So I suggested I might ride out to the coast and then back to Murcia to join them for that. They were happy to accommodate me and gave advice on where to ride to and the loan of a map


Sometimes you have days were you really don’t feel motivated to ride. Maybe if you had company they would egg you on. Give you a bit of a push and you would ride on. On your own you’re free to make the decision actually that’s enough for the day I’m going to stop and relax all afternoon. It feels weird almost a guilty pleasure but I don’t think you can put in long days and a large number of miles every day.


The worst part of touring on your own though is when you’ve made that decision and stopped. You’re sat on a deserted beach a good two miles from the nearest person. The fire is lit and the sun is setting behind the mountains and there’s no one to share it with. To turn to and say “this is life”. It’s at those moments I miss my friends and family and the old holiday saying really is true.  “Wish you were here.”

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