Back on the road again. It feels good. The problem with stopping and starting on tour is that I get pre-trip nerves when I restart. However after  a couple of days looking at maps on the internet to distract/excite me getting on the bike this morning felt very normal.


I ws expecting to wobble off down the road as my parents waved goodbye. A few miles required to get used to the touring weight on the bike but it was natural, normal and great.


So into France and time to reaquaint myself with wild camping. I hopefully have my first Warmshowers host lined up in Nantes. So appox. 200 miles to complete over 4 or 5 days to get there. Easy?

I was going to post a nice picture of my first camp but as I didn’t land in France until 2pm I had to set up in the dark. My tent is by a tank at a war memorial site on the east coast of the peninsula.


I woke up to wind and rain. There was only so long I could stay in the tent before I had to pack up and get moving. 6 mph average into a headwind with torrential rain. It’s been a tough morning!

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  1. Good start! I’m impressed that you are wild camping slready. Good luck on the journey to Nantes & I hope the weather stays fine.

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