The plan! (no. 1)

You know that point in the day just before you go to bed when you’re supposed to relax and settle into sleep. Sometimes that is inevitably when my brain is most alive and comes up with ideas. This then usually ends up with me staring at the ceiling exploring those ideas. Well last night I had such a flash of inspiration and so decided upon the first part of a route for my touring adventure.

I’m going to ride to Land’s End. That’s it. No real reason, just because it’s somewhere to go. I was thinking of heading towards the south west of the UK so it’s a logical destination.

So something like the map below. I’ll probably take about 2-3 weeks to do the whole journey to Land’s End and then across to Dorset. The aim is to  leave towards the end of November (Going to do a mini-tour to test stuff before then). That will then give me a couple of weeks in Dorset before embarking on part two of my tour.
November December planSo if you live in the parts of the country that I will be passing through then either expect me to be in touch later in the year or shout now if you want to me to stop by!

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