2015 Festival of cycle touring

So my sister very inconsiderately is getting married next year. If the fact she picked the day after my birthday wasn’t annoying enough, it also means I have to come back from tour to go to the wedding. The cheek! 😉

However it does mean I have to be back in the UK at the end of March which gives me a great excuse to hang around for a bit and go to the Festival of cycle touring.
So save the date, make some plans and come along. The manifesto of the festival is as follows:

1) Bring together those who have undertaken, are planning or who are interested in cycle tours;

2) Encourage more people to get out there and try cycle touring for themselves;

3) Provide training and resources to help people plan their own trip;

4) Be an event where cycle tourists can get together and reminisce about cycle journeys gone by;

5) Foster a community of cycle tourists;

6) Be open to everyone, regardless of age, cycling speed or wheel size.

It is organised on a voluntary basis and all help is gratefully received.

I’m excited. So much so I’ve volunteered to help out, I’m currently trying to find someone to speak about cycle touring with children so if you can do that or know someone who can get in touch!

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