Apologies we’ve all been busy again which means neglecting our little corner of the internet. However this weekend we all got together for another night out under the stars. I guess when planning this trip we didn’t really think about the fact it was the solstice which meant we had plenty of daylight and not many stars.
Solstice3We decided to revisit the route Carl and I did in fairly inclement weather the other month as on that trip we never actually made our intended destination. What a difference good weather makes. Our pace was much quicker and there were no raging torrents to ford!
IMG-20140622-WA0008Solstice2The Yorkshire countryside really is beautiful and it’s always nice to get out and about where there aren’t many people. Although our route was relatively ‘cheeky’ we didn’t come across any issues (aka people telling us we couldn’t ride). In fact at one point we met the land owner who suggested we ride down ‘his’ road rather than the bridleway so as not to disturb nesting birds. Cheers Duke! Our destination was Simon’s seat and the views were magnificent and well worth the fact you have to push the last mile or so to the top.
Solstice5 Solstice6 Solstice7Once we had reached the summit it was time to head back down to find somewhere less exposed to camp for the night. Walls and fences on each side with clear ‘no public access’ signs were a touch frustrating as we didn’t want to be too brazen about camping somewhere we shouldn’t be. However a track with no signs threw up a nice little area of woodland for a secluded wild camp.
image[6]Despite not falling in a river this time for some reason Carl was inexplicably sick after eating his dinner. To be honest we still don’t know why. Bad beanfeast or ill advised application of insect repellent? Everyone was pretty tired after a long, hot day in the saddle with a fair bit of climbing so we turned in pretty early. I think I was last to fall asleep and I remember it was still pretty light when I did. It’s also a bit odd being under a tarp in some woods and being able to hear cheering for the World Cup football game on TV somewhere else in the valley.
image[4]As usual we were had to be back fairly early on Sunday but even with these constraints we managed to do a bit of exploring on the way back and also retrace a few steps so it wasn’t just the usual roads home. We all arrived home safely with a only insect bites, nettle stings and bramble scrapes to show we had actually left.
IMG-20140622-WA0002 image[8]All in all a successful trip out with some great weather and good company. It’s nice when things go completely to plan. Well almost.

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