Rainy Day

Not perturbed by the weather we’ve been off into the hills again this weekend. This really was a short ‘adventure’ as due to work commitments we couldn’t leave until 5pm on Saturday. However we did manage to get a good 15 miles under our belts in pretty inclement conditions!

Stream crossings are a rapidly becoming the bane of my life though and because of the amount of rain and run off yesterday they were far from easy. Often the water was a pretty fast moving torrent which it was actually pretty dangerous crossing. It’s not great to look back over your shoulder to see your friend clinging to his bike chest deep in water! Luckily everything was ok, but it’s a reminder to be careful especially when I’m often off doing these things on my own.

Due to the constant rain and having to cross multiple streams by the time we decided to find somewhere to camp we were both pretty wet. Luckily I spotted a makeshift hut and although it wasn’t totally weatherproof it kept the worst of the wind and rain off overnight.

Naturally this morning we didn’t really hang around and took a pretty direct route home, a challenging overnight trip. It is good to know though that even when the weather is terrible and things don’t go entirely as planned we can keep our spirits high and still enjoy ourselves.
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