I love cyclocross.

Tonight was my first ‘cross race in a while and I fell in love all over again. 45 minutes of pain, suffering and fun! The course had ups (so many) and downs (too few), roots, mud and boards.

After 2 laps I missed my pedal trying to remount and had a comedy sideways crash into a hedge. After 35 minutes of racing I felt like I was done and I had nothing left. However upon hearing that bell for the final lap it was head down, all out, final push. I was determined that the guy in front of me was not getting back to that line before me and with half a lap to go I passed him and then opened up a gap to make sure he didn’t.

Job done, the results will show me in the bottom quarter of the field for sure but I finished and I wasn’t last. I ask you in what other cycling discipline can you turn up on a bike with one gear made of bamboo and not come last?
Otley 2014Photo thanks to Sam Gate.

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