So yesterday I took a mountain biking skills course which I had been meaning to do for over a year. I’ll freely admit that I’m not the best at riding off road and I knew I had a number of bad habits which require work. As I’m planning a lot of off road trips and rides this year it seemed a good idea to gain some skills to be able to handle that.
metrackstand The course was the Great Rock stop crashing level 1 course at Gisburn, which I think is generally a group of six although there were only three of us on the course. It’s taught by Ed Oxley who was a really good teacher. He spotted the key things I thought I might be doing wrong pretty much straight away and explained simply how to correct them. It also boosted my confidence no end without Ed forcing me to ride anything I wasn’t comfortable with. The course was fun and was a good balance between demonstrations, explanations and riding.
whatrootIt was nice to also be doing the course at a trail centre where other riders would occasionally appear and ride the part of the trail you were on so you could see how they did it well or less well. I would definitely recommend that anyone who is a keen mountain biker stumps up the cash and goes on the course even if you think you know how to ride off road. The course built well over the day adding more advice/instruction on body position and bike handling as it went on. This meant that by the end I felt much more comfortable and in control on the bike rather than a passenger hanging on for dear life.

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