Rules are there to be broken.

I think there is a ‘rule’ about putting stickers on your bike, stuff it.
2013-03-16 15.35.16

Throwing stuff are my friend Ben’s band and have just ‘released’ an album for pay what you want download. So if you like short, fast, thrashy hardcore punk then you can find it here.

If other news it’s probably worth mentioning that pretty much every member of the PRBC has joined an actual, British Cycling affiliated, cycling club. All hail Alba Rosa!

So yes, as we’re too busy/disorganised to be a ‘proper’ cycling club or even agree on a logo or kit. We are riding and competing for our local cycling club instead and looking forward to pulling on pink and black kit when it arrives. Alba Rosa as far as I can see seems to aim to be a competitive club (there are some fast members) whilst still being welcoming and friendly (there are weekly social rides open to all). As the membership grows there really does seem to be a vibe of creating a club with something for everyone. With a nod to 7 Seconds, we will attack in pink and black! 😉

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