More kowbell.

Citycross was ace, a good day spent riding and spectating. The course was tough but fun and strangely the kids loved mucking about in an abandoned rubbish tip!

I’m not doing a smooth cyclocross re-mount in the photo despite how it looks, I’m more likely trying to get clipped in. Yes that cabbage probably hit me. ūüėČ

I didn’t come last in¬†the two¬†races I rode which was good, however I didn’t win anything either. It was a day of firsts though, first single speed race which on the whole I think was the right idea. 38×18 was a bit high for that particular course but I think will be about right for Yorkshire points series races. I also had my first crash during a race when I didn’t get clipped in properly, got my weight all wrong and went over the bars coming downhill.
2013-03-03 18.35.07Clearly an indication that I still need to practice more, I did manage a few quick dismounts but not as many as I would have liked and yet again fitness saw me not finishing at the back of the field rather than skill. The thought struck me the other day that instead of spending money on upgrades to the bike I should probably just take time off work and practice riding it!

Here’s the video, look out for me about halfway through looking like I’m going backwards (in slow motion) compared to everyone else!

Morvelo City Cross from Whitenosugar Productions on Vimeo.

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