So it’s the time of year where you are bombarded with all sorts of ‘pro-bike’ features showcasing what the top stars are going to be riding this year. After a while one DI2 equiped carbon bike you could never afford to own blends into another. So here’s what I’m racing this year!
2013-02-08 13.46.09It will debut at Morvelo City Cross and I am excited to say the least, hopefully I’ll have a more tasteful saddle by then. Look to the back of the pack though, changing up some equipment isn’t suddenly going to increase my speed. The White Industries ENO eccentric rear hub is a thing of beauty, marred by the very functional (i.e. ugly) but I’ve found hard wearing Taya singlespeed chain.2013-02-08 13.46.25If you haven’t seen it here’s the CityCross video to wet your appetite.

Morvelo City Cross Trailer from Whitenosugar Productions on Vimeo.

Right, done. So here’s some ‘punk’

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