That’s when it all gets blown away

Hmm tumbleweed?

I’ve been busy stripping bikes and selling bits, riding bikes (to work) and generally battening down the hatches because it’s way too cold and horrible outside!

Forgetting bikes for a minute I did venture out of my warm and cosy house to watch punk legends Mission of Burma on Tuesday. I’ve never really listened to them that much but they were frankly great. I’ve seen a lot of ‘old’ bands this year and most of them have definitely not just been going through the motions but Mission of Burma frankly were giving 110%.

Then on Wednesday I went to see Argo at the cinema, directed by and starring Ben Affleck. Don’t let that put you off though it’s brilliant, I could have watched it again straight away. Get out and see it.

Normal service (i.e. bikes) may be resumed shortly. No promises though.

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