One gear on my wagon

Having had to cannibalise the rear wheel for my new bike and knowing I couldn’t make any of the local December Cyclocross races, my Tricross has been stripped. The plan is to give it a really good clean as it hasn’t really had any tlc for about 3 years.

Then begins the rebuild, the core of which is this.

The decision has been made that singlespeed CX is the future. This is based on 3 main factors;

1. It’s not like I’m actually competing with anyone but myself so not having gears isn’t suddenly going to drop me out of the pack.
2. I very rarely change gear anyway in a race.
3. Less cleaning maintenance on a bike which get covered in filth has got to be good.

A plus is I can run v-brakes with appropriate levers so stopping power will be slightly improved. However I am resigning myself to running up more slopes as I can’t shift down in to a lower gear (not that I used to anyway).

Fingers crossed I can get this built and ready for one last winter race, possibly in February (if I can work out why the end of season ‘madison’ is called a ‘madison‘, hopefully it’s not a team event), but if not then I’ll try to race some of the summer series which I think starts in May.

My biggest decision is probably what colour bar tape to use and whether to get a new saddle. Advice/suggestions gratefully accepted.

Now for Tom here’s some punk (also check out this post over on the AHTBM site as it’s got some quality punk in there).

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