Escape Velocity Radio & War on Women

If you don’t love Propagandhi then you’re wrong.

Whether you love them or not you should be listening to the Escape Velocity Podcast because it’s contains education. This isn’t just any education, this is the type of education that you don’t hear on the news. It’s the type of education that cuts through the bullshit of the mass media.

For your convenience I’ve embeddereddered the SoundCloud feed here of Episode 5.

This episode features a band called War on Women who are cool. Look:

They kind of remind me of Phantom Blue but with more punk.

One thought on “Escape Velocity Radio & War on Women

  1. Tom there are so many better (imho) bands out there that highlight these issues.

    Listen to Burning Kitchen, they broke up years ago but did play 1 gig last year.

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