It is here, after what has seemed an age of waiting my custom self designed Reynolds 725 ‘do anything’ frame has arrived. It’s also been built up. Voila!
It’s a mix of new and secondhand parts with some bits I already had too, so not particularly ‘bling’ but not cheap stuff by any stretch. There has been some usual teething problems getting seat post height and stem length sorted and my first couple of rides were hampered by a ‘sticky’ headset so I can’t say confidently how it rides yet. At the moment it’s sporting my winter commuting wheels but it has the clearance for full 29er tyres as you can see below.
What I really want to test over the coming weeks (months?) is how the handling is affected by tyre size as I switch between wheels. It was in all honesty a bit of a guess when I was trying to fathom the impact of having a 2.4 mtb tyre in the front one day and then perhaps a 700x28c slick the next. Plus wanting the bike to handle well both off road and on the road too, I’ll let you know what occurs.

Frame weight came in at a very pleasing 2.4kg which is pretty good for quite a large frame, however I forgot to weigh the forks which should be somewhere in the 0.8-0.9kg region I think. Sadly I don’t have the means to weigh the full bike but it doesn’t feel super hefty. The one thing I can say from riding it on the road so far is that it’s very comfortable but still responsive and not flexy when you put some power into the pedals. Laterally stiff but vertically compliant?

My boss was impressed with the frame to the point that if testing goes well there is even talk of the frame going into production, although I need to get my head around scaling/sizing the frame as not everyone is quite as tall as me. Plus apparently I have to think of a name, ideas on a postcard please.

Is that all? No ALL!

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