(H)All Rise for Strava

Thanks to Strava a hill that I’d not previously known about*. It’s now part of my little training route, and Carls’s well.

It has back and forth switchbacks on a quiet residential street, with some very nice houses on it. It’s length and gradient make it interesting.

I’m a bit of a mountain goat enjoying long slog style climbs. Shorter ones I’m not good at because I lack the raw power to speed up them and I end up in a lower gear spinning while everyone else powers past me. On longer climbs I hold my own by being light and spinning my way to the top with the odd sprint to give me a speed boost.

Map of Hall Rise

Hall Rise is like the ultimate hybrid climb between the two – being just long enough to be good for a mountain goat such as myself, but short enough that a powerhouse sprinter can make it to the top in one sitting.

I’ve only just started properly training again so it will remain to be seen as to whether I can make it to the top on the leader board.

  • Actually, I had ridden down it before many years ago on my mountain bike. There’s a footpath that runs across it with lots of steps. Yes, I do ride on footpaths when I deem it appropriate and I’m always courteous to pedestrians.

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