From The Bottom

My brain has turned to mush and I can’t seem to peice together anything coherent this week, I think I over exerted my abilities last week so apologies if this is a bit of a mish mash.

First up I stumbled across a website/blog that although geographically located in the same area as this one appears to be aiming for much bigger things. We’re bottom feeders at heart and this is where we’ll probably stay, but these guys in their own words “aim […] to make The North Race the major online blog in the UK’s online cycling scene.” I’m not sure if that statement is tongue in cheek but if not it’s one hell of a goal to be aiming for. Fair play to them, I look forward to seeing what content they come up with and report on, in the mean time you’ll find the PRBC, getting drunk and heckling from the sidelines.

The North race are also organising an alleycat/event in a few weeks, so if riding around with your face painted sounds like fun then get yourself down. Sadly a 4pm start isn’t much good for those of us working 20 miles away in retail.

Secondly a tip of the hat to Stevil at All Hail The Black Market, I’ve been a fan of his webloggery since catching the tail end of him avoiding the bummer life but his endeavours since have kept me amused and entertained whilst also keeping me stocked up with stickers, patches and other items. The water bottle I got off of him recently is great in that it ticks pretty much all the boxes, nicely squeezable, large opening at top and dispenses a large volume of fluid in one go. In fact I almost choked the first time I used it as I wasn’t prepared for the fluid load that ensued, oh and ‘my 100% notgivingashit [really] does beat your 8% faster’.
Thirdly thanks to BikeSnobNYC for crediting us as a ‘reader’ recently, our traffic graph never looked so good. You’ll be pleased to hear we ‘retained’ approximately none of those clicks as long term readers by the looks of it. Never mind, we’ve been long term fans of ‘the snob’ and I can say that his second book is an excellent read (I haven’t read the first). There are far too many cyclists who take things (life?) way too seriously, it’s good to have someone to poke fun and hopefully help them lighten up a bit.

Finally I think Andy’s cleats might be a bit worn.
Fuck this, I’m out…


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