Shit gets real

Another week passes and we rumble inevitably forwards taking in the high and lows, the excitement and the boredom. What have I learnt this week? Not much, but I have solidified my opinion (and one held by a lot of my friends/colleagues) that no peice of waterproof clothing is actually 100%* waterproof! I’d love to be proved wrong on this but generally the problem is you have to put holes in gloves, jackets, overshoes etc. so you can actually put the garment on. In summary the beginning of this week was wet!!

Exciting things to happen this week include being sent this picture:

I have to say it’s a pretty nice fence! What started as me sat at my desk thinking some ‘what if’ questions and then translating them into some very basic drawings using BikeCAD is now rolling towards completion as a Reynolds 725 steel frame thanks to Lee Cooper. I’m both excited and very scared as to how this is going to ride and pan out in the real world. Although my fears that it will be a terrible bike to ride have been eased slightly by the fact that we had a Salsa Fargo in the shop the other day and the geometry isn’t a million miles away from mine**. Luckily there are distinct elements to this bike that I personally wanted which set it apart from the Fargo, but it is firmly in the drop handlebar 29er ‘adventure bike’ niche. I am however planning my build so that it’s nice to ride as a commuter in the week and then a with a change of wheels thrashed*** off road at the weekend. I’ll post more when the frame is painted in my hands and then built up.

My only current problem is trailer towing. If anyone out there has any good solutions for converting a bike trailer that clamps onto the rear stays to another method compatible with disc brakes then let me know!

*Or probably even 85% for that matter, you’ve got to love good old made up stats.
**This is by pure coincidence, I had looked at the Fargo as a bike that was similar to what I wanted but it’s strange how close the numbers at the end of the day are especially considering I took one of the Spa Cycles designs that is in no way similar at all and ‘tweaked’ it.
***I’ve never ‘thrashed’ a bike off road in my life, I’m terrible on a mountain bike. I have fun though.

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