High hopes

I had high hopes that somehow I’d manage to post regularly on this, however suddenly I’ve been busy. Work had been quiet with the rain in June and early July but a bit of sunshine coupled with Tour de France and Olympic cycling success for British riders has meant it suddenly is very busy! If this is the ‘Wiggo effect’ I wonder if he’d mind popping by and packing a few orders.

So I haven’t got time to catch a breath 40 hours a week and I’m averaging about 9 to 15 hours on the bike each week commuting. Which doesn’t leave much room for sitting down and writing. Those hours are having a positive effect on my riding, even down to stupid things like being able to more comfortably have a drink from my bottle no matter the terrain. However as you would expect lots of miles is starting to wear out bike components. I guess the good thing is when things wear out I get to reset the clock and start to ‘rate’ the items I replace them with based on knowing more accurately now how many miles I am logging than before. Watch this space.

In the mean time, rock out and practice your finger pointing to this.

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