Putting the band back together.

So I mentioned a ‘solo’ project to Tom and then voila he recreats our small little corner of the internet, because you all missed us right?

To be honest I’m having a bad ‘bike week’, a Monday night of vomiting every hour from either food poisoning or a stomach bug has meant zero miles on the bike and commuting to work by train or car. Yes boo’s all round, but then again when your stomach is alternating between doing flips or being tied in knots and all you’re eating is a couple of bits of bread every day, finding the energy to jump out of bed and get the miles put away isn’t going to be easy!

Fairing better than me (or us?) is the old domain, it appears that www.punkrockbikeclub.cc is now owned by the Online guitar super store! Nothing like keeping your domain relevant, clearly we must have built up enough traffic to warrant using it, or maybe it’s all the old forum signatures out there I’ve never bothered to change/update. Either way URLpulse apparently puts the value of the domain over $400, annoying as metaphors involving urination in round vessels spring to mind if the PRBC were to ever discuss finances.

Oh well there’s more to life and all that, especially when you have exciting bike projects in the pipeline, watch this space.

I’ll leave you with a song that would have kickstarted me striking out on my own and one that just takes us back to the start.

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