Speechless in the saddle

You know those times when you think of the right thing to say about 3o minutes to late? I just did it whilst on a bike.

Coming up to a junction a woman went past on a bike who I thought looked familiar, I thought ‘what the heck’ I’ll catch them up and see if it’s who I think it is. Cue a ‘Cat 6 commuter racing‘ sprint up the hill by the Uni and as we neared the crest I pulled along side.

I turned and stared straight into her face as she also turned towards me, I then realised I didn’t know her. So what is the appropriate etiquette in this situation, I’m pretty sure it’s not putting your head down and speeding off up the road. I should have at least said ‘nice bike’ or something…oops. I hope she’s not wondering who that creepy arsehole on the Surly was, at least I didn’t have my buff covering my face, I think.

Riding/social etiquette definitely needs more work.

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