Of mice and men.

So after the last post I got a phone call from Tom, “I have a back wheel that you can have for free, it’s got a surly hub in it, 135 spaced I think”. RESULT!

So yesterday whilst my housemates lay about on the sofa suffering and recovering from the party the night before I picked up the aforementioned wheel and laid out all the parts I had on the kitchen floor and set about building the cross check. I was feverish with new bike excitement, I almost didn’t know where to start!

However as Robert Burns wrote ‘the best laid schemes of mice and men, go oft awry’, and so a few hours later I had most of a bike build but some key elements missing. Problem one was that the single speed freewheel on the wheel Tom had given me was 1/8″ width and the new chain I had was 3/32″, no worries I’ll swap the one off my old wheel onto it. Except I haven’t got a freewheel removal tool and on closer inspection one required a two pin tool and the other a four pin tool! Problem two was that the ‘uphanger’ to mount my front cantilever brake ‘fouled’ the lower cup of my headset such that if you tightened it all the way up the steering wouldn’t turn.A longer bolt was required so that I can space it out in front of the cup.

Today Bikeology opposite the Hyde Park pub sorted out my freewheel issue in exchange for just my charming wit and conversation which was nice of them, but I came up short on a bolt. Never fear I’m sure  there will be one at work that I can grab tomorrow. So, behold my new single speed bike 99% completed!

Damn you small bolt!

I rode it up and down the road and it feels good fit wise, I was worried it was going to be too long but it doesn’t seem to have panned out that way. Obviously I didn’t get up to any great speed as I only had a back brake, but I think it’ll be fun to ride and pretty nippy, can’t wait to get that bolt and take it on it’s first full spin (which will probably be to band practice on Wednesday).

Obligatory chain line shot.

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