Every Little Thing Must Go Wrong

I’ve got a spare five minutes so I may as well sort the rear brake out on my road bike. Ideally I’d just shorten the outer on my front brake. I may as well do it while I’m sorting the rear. I’ll only be annoyed that I didn’t take the time to do it while I’m doing some odd jobs anyway.

Bugger, now the little washer off the pivot inside the brake level has popped off. Just grab the pliers to pull it out again. Damn, I’ve managed to get half of it but the other half has pushed inside the lever, underneath that white bit that I don’t know what it’s there for.

I can’t get at it.

Turn the bike upside down and give it a shake. No, shake more. Use the torch on my phone to see where it’s really hidden. How does this happen? Damn. Shake, poke, Oh there it is, now don’t move. Where are my tweezers? Right, careful now. Got it!

Turn the bike back over. Carefully now put this cable pivot contraption back together. Yes. OK, no continue with the job.

5 minute job = 45 minutes of stressful job. And it’s not the first time.

One thought on “Every Little Thing Must Go Wrong

  1. We’ve all been there, my 5 minute job stripping the bar tape and brake levers off the ‘green machine’ on Friday night took an age.

    Wish me luck with my bike build tomorrow! 😉

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