That Justification Cycle

In the past month or so it has come to my realisation that my singlespeed warrior 9 speed warrior is nothing more than a pub bike. An extremely fun pub bike but nonetheless an extremely expensive pub bike. Yes this fine beauty has a cost price of something around the £1000 mark – probably, who knows.

Chain device not pictured

My attention has also attended that the British isle on which I live has entered into winter. Familiar to many in the UK it is easily recognised by the cold, the wet, and the windy. Much like a fart but it occurs for only a third of the year whereas farts occur three thirds of the year – and farts are hot.

Anyway, my only road bike is quite special and I don’t particularly like grinding it down with the fine road paste that only winter can create on these potholed UKish roads.

Then the epiphany struck. Sell that, buy this. That one is the warrior, this is a road based warrior.

Carl's Orange Frame which He Can't Actually Justify

So my winter road warrior will consist of a frame Carl found on eBay, couldn’t resist, and bought. And that’s where my parts list ends. Which means I need many more parts.

That’s when your justifiable expense brain starts to kick in. First you’re all economical, then you think, but if I bought this then my old one could go on my winter bike. My train of thought convinced me into buying a new 105 groupset (or could I stretch to Ultegra?) to go on the summer bike. Current 105 relegated to winter bike. Then wheels, I could get new light wheels and do the same swap. Then you add it up and it’s close to a grand and then you think “I could spend a bit more and buy a whole new bike and sell my summer frame after taking the parts for my winter bike.

Then the guilt sets in and in the end you hopefully you end up with the right balance between non guilt, value for money, and some kind of satisfactory upgrade on all applicable bikes.

A bike of this caliber does not deserve a mud-guard or that UK winter mud road grinding paste.

Then you realise you’ve still got that £1000 jump bike to sell which you’ll realistically get about £300 for.

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