Cold enough to break (or not brake)

Winter is firmly here, but this does not scare us at the PRBC. Oh no it just means it’s time to hone those bike handling skills whilst everyone else thinks you’re an absolute nut case. I got out of bed this morning (well this afternoon) and I swear it felt about -1 ºC inside of my house, however this did not put me off wanting to venture outside for some fun.

So first job was to put some knobbly tyres on the Tricross as today was  going to be about really testing my bike skills and then wrap up warm. I had a loop mapped out in my head which was part road and part off road through the Harewood house estate, after setting off I couldn’t wait to get off road as typically despite the ice and snow cars weren’t driving any more slowly/safely. Riding off road on snow covered bridleways was frankly awesome fun, I was even relatively good at staying off the brakes, not that cantis in this weather give you much stopping power. Plus I didn’t fall off once, result!

I came back via Meanwood valley woods intending to ride the relatively flat route through to King Lane that I thought I knew. Typically as normal I got lost and so ended up walking the rocky route I was trying to avoid, at this point it was absolutely hammering down with snow, my brakes had pretty much stopped working and it was getting dark. Good job I remembered my lights! Right the photos…

Knobblies on!
I might buy the rest of the stock we have at work of these as they were pretty damn good (and not made any more)
Eccup resevoir
Perfect riding conditions!
Snow does add a certain je ne sais quoi to the world.
Winter wonderland
Wrapped up warm!
Cows, with horns
Snow clouds loom.
This is supposed to be a 'light snow shower' clearly wasn't
Welcome to Meanwood.
A light dusting of snow on the bike when I got back
...and a light dusting on me!

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