Each new night was another shot at staking our claim on a parking lot.

Not just a punk song but actually life…I’ve been riding with the Fixed Gear Leeds lads and lasses a couple of time and they’re a nice bunch of pretty varied people but all with a common interest. I’m not riding fixed mind, did give it a try but not sure it’s for me.

Heated car parks are good when it's cold.

Managed to tweak my ankle somehow though when I did 42 miles (on gears) on Wednesday…so that means a bit of rest for a while. Although as my bike is my main form of transport in town my ankle is going to have to MTFU. 😉

Think my support bandage was rubbing as well which hasn't helped.

I also made myself a new belt, the puncture protection on the Specialized Borough CX makes it a touch thick but it keeps my shorts/trousers where they should be.

Waste not want not.

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