History and wankers.

Ok so it’s all in French but just look at the pictures.

This site seems to document pre-war jerseys and bikes that all appear to still be in one piece today! Not sure how they would ride mind but the technology and the design is incredible when you compare to the modern racing bicycle.

Genial Lucifer from 1937

Another site I stumbled across today is 101 Wankers, I notcied it in the blogroll of one of the blogs I read regularly but hadn’t clicked…until today it made it onto Guardian website which I stumbled onto via Reddit. Yes my routes around the internet are even more random than my routes around the country by bike! Anyway I digress, 101 Wankers documents insults (particularly sexist insults as it’s written by a women) recieved by the author and is mapping them using google maps, it’s in its infancy but I always like projects like this for a) highlighting it’s not all roses when you’re on your bike and b) trying to do something positive with the negativity experience by using the data and sharing with others/opening a discussion. Apparently the author had her bike stolen but has now got a new one, so hopefully it will continue and continue to raise the issue and profile of abuse/harrasment aimed at cyclists.

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