Here’s a quaint little piece from the 1980’s…

I saw this today, and I definitely had to take a few sly snaps of this crazy ride. I’d love to have seen the owner because judging by the length of the headtube it belongs to Leeds’ tallest man.

At first glance I thought it was just another gnarled looking single-speed, but on closer inspection I saw it had a small Sturmey-Archer gear shifter. So, three internal speeds for this lanky piece of steel.

Aside from the abnormally large frame, another odd feature was the double chainring but no front mech set-up. The chain runs on the inner ring, so maybe the outer one is used as some kind of guard or something?

The frame is Reynolds 531 steel, highly sought after due to the fixed and single-speed craze sweeping the hipster nation (check out eBay to see the silly prices some of these battered heaps go for!) Much of the bike seemed to be original, it had Dawes cranks, some ancient single pivot caliper brakes, with even more ancient looking brake shoes/pads, and very interesting bull-horn handlebars and brakes with leatherette hoods.

Morrisons is certainly turning up some interesting velos at the moment.

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