We’re not hopeless, we’re not as fucked as you think.

Day off, so I worked on my bike…I should probably try to find some other ‘hobby’ outside of work. However this means that I can now present my  single speed aka the green machine version 2.0! 🙂


The old single speed had a hard winter coping admirably with everything the British weather could throw at it and my stubbornness that I could ride down a cobbled street when it was covered in ice and snow. Not to mention everything that the gritting lorries of Leeds City Council could throw at it…literally! So come January it was abandoned for a while looking more grey than green and in a rather sorry state, however I’ve cleaned it up and unstuck the stuck components (mostly the brakes) so they now work better than before. I put the original drops back on which makes for an interesting ride, they’re really narrow and it feels very bum up head down…which is kind of fun in a way.

It isn’t perfect though, the headset is pretty borked after the winter which means it doesn’t turn well at all and out of the saddle the front end has a habit of wanting to point off to one side and stick there which is a bit ‘interesting’ sometimes. The bottom bracket is also starting to clunk a touch, only slightly though so a new headset and BB are the order of the day next month. The hub bearings and freewheel seem to have coped with the full on winter assault ok which surprised me.

Think I’m going to take it out for a longer spin later and try to go up some of the hills (on the road), lets see how the legs cope with only having one gear after 6 months of being allowed 27 to play with. It could be an interesting walk with some downhill riding!

One day you never know I’ll flip that flip-flop hub, and then probably break my neck! 😉

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