Southern culture on the skids

So last week I had my first ‘crash’ on the mountain bike, ended up going over the bars very slowly and landing sort of wrapped round the front wheel. This was at Stainburn which I’d forgotten is damn hard! I think where I went wrong was too little speed and my weight too far forward. So today I had a fettle with the bike and got back on the proverbial horse.

Getting better all the time...shame the rider isn't.

So additions to the beauty are as follows:

  • Newly built front wheel so they now match and I can give Mark his back.
  • Mountain King 29er 2.2 tyre up front…the jury is out.
  • Syncros Carbon bars (25.4 diameter)
  • On One stem (as the bars are ‘standard)
  • Atomlab flat pedals (the last 3 items are all thanks to Tom)
  • Carbon wrapped seatpost swapped over from my Tricross as the clamp on the Ritchey Pro one was rubbish and the saddle kept moving.

So the bike felt quite different initially with the Mountain King rolling much more quickly and with less drag than the Kenda Nevegal on Mark’s wheel. However on my descent off the hills I wasn’t sure about the cornering grip available, for a 2.2 it’s smaller than both the Nevegal and the Bonty ACX I have on the back and it just seemed to skip about rather than gripping. It could be of course that due to the lack of drag I was going faster than normal. This all culminated in a rather hair raising moment where I went sideways round a bend and the rear end dropped off the path. Luckily the rear tyre gripped and I powered onwards and back onto the track saving myself a 500 metre slide downhill through gorse and shrubs…it probably would have looked rad and clearly ‘gnar’ to the max, however I think I was going ‘shhhiiiitttttt’ all the way through. 😉

Other things I learnt today are that clear glasses are great and mean flies don’t get in your eyes, but they still go in your mouth! Also make sure your front disc calliper is aligned before you set off as the noise of it rubbing is damn annoying, was a good ride though just need to regulate my speed versus my skills a bit better.

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