I like it rough and dirty.

Wow it rained! A lot! That made it a different experience on the hills, the Mountain King wasn’t quite so bad but it still didn’t inspire me with confidence and I was riding slllooooooowwww, mincing down the trails because of that lack of confidence in the grip of my tyres and not being used to it being wet under wheel. The Malverns are good as they drain well so there were no massive bogs, but still some mud and slippy stuff about. Also a lot of horse shit around…pleasant, not!

I appear to have brought more of the hill home than usual.

It actually made me realised that I have been blessed with some incredibly good weather in my first 4 months of mountain biking proper, but in order to gain those skills I aspire to, being able to ride in all conditions has got to be a priority. It was quite fun leaving the house in sunshine, then getting absolutely pissed down on and then seeing an awesome rainbow (sadly no way to take a good photo of that on my camera phone).

The 101 Dalmatian auditions were not going well.

I however managed to twat my helmet on a few low branches today, mainly because I have to duck so low sometimes because of the foliage that I can’t look up and see where I’m going. I think a new helmet is going to have to be purchased sooner rather than later as mine is coming to the end of the ‘normal’ period you should keep one for and it’s taken some knocks recently. The only issue is I know that any new one will also be clattered into branches regularly, what do people do!?! Just hope it hasn’t cause any damage I assume and carry on until it fails or gets to be ‘that’ age.

What the Aga was built for.

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