Broken Futures

2 bolts shown, 3 bolts actual

Ten weeks ago I went on a work trip to Spain to test a brand spanking new Saracen Ariel 2. But things didn’t turn out exactly as planned as, on the first day after spending 3 hours climbing, we donned our kneepads and started on the downhill. Not 200 meters into it I misjudged it and ended up breaking my hip, though I didn’t realise it at the time. I’m not going to go on about it (you can read more details here and here) but the fact of the matter is after 9 weeks on crutches I am now walking but am not allowed to ride a bike for another 3 months.

This has got me thinking, I’ve got some extra free time now so I’ve bought myself a guitar (how very punk rock ) and I’ve decided to sell my Yeti 575 so that I can use the money to buy myself a new bike early next year when I’m allowed back on. Imagine the new ride feeling with the excitement of being able to ride again! You can’t bottle that.

And while I’m at it I may as well strip down my trust old Dialled PA. It’s been looking a bit tatty for a while so I figure a new coat of paint is in order. I’m liking green, so I’ll probably go for green.

Let the stripping commence…

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