Bella in Sella

So, BBC4 are running a few shows about the bike. Sitting down to watch “Ride Of My Life: The Story of The Bicycle” I’m distinctly skeptical that cycling and bicycles are going to be presented in a fitting manner.

However, I’m suitably impressed at the level of care and attention that’s gone into the documentary. Hell, I even learned a few things! I learned that cycling has a patron saint (The Madonna Del Ghisallo), that the Italian for “Looking Good in the Saddle” is Bella in Sella, that Joe Breeze et al saved the Bike industry (not totally sure about that, but that could be my MTB-phobia making me biased!) and that Chris King makes pretty headsets.

Even New York Bike Snob would have been impressed/depressed at the city of Portland being featured on the show. The UK bike industry wasn’t neglected either, with Brooks saddles and Rourke frames being featured also.

One of the best things about the show was that the bloke presenting it was building his perfect bike, and this meant that you got to see how important good components, frames and wheels are to making a bike nice to ride.

All in all, I thought the show was interesting enough for experts like us at PRBC (!), and for novices who might not have realised just what a wonderful, beautiful, emancipating world cycling can be. Chapeau BBC4.

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