Guess what I did tonight? Yes you’ve guessed it rode my bike! ๐Ÿ™‚ Went up the hill as normal but added a bit more up and then a bit more down to get up towards the top of the southernmost ‘peak’ of the Malverns.

British Camp I think/assume
Colwall (again I think)

It was pretty windy on the tops today but I was managed to ride from before the golf club to just before the top without ‘really’ stopping once which is climbing for a good 30 minutes. Well there were a couple of dabs on the tight turns, an incident with a woman and her dog where she had the lead stretched across the road and the last 200 metres were just too steep for me after all that effort. The way back down towards the Wych cutting was rocky and fun although ended with my nemesis, steps! Wide steps though but round a corner! Naturally they weren’t completed in one fluid movement. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Work was quite fun today too as I got to spend 15 minutes bezzing around a gravel car park, up a fire road and up and down a rooty wooded track on this.

Sunn Kern

It was quite good fun and was about the right size as well, the guy from the distributor looked a little upset when I said I could get it to ‘bob’ going up the fireroad, but that was probably due more to me grinding a high gear and moving around in the saddle instead of spinning in the granny ring rather than any fault of the bike. It’s basically the complete opposite to my bike full suspension, 27 gears and small wheels. I did enjoy riding it though when asked my opinion it was a bit like asking me if I liked a particular brand of oranges when all I eat fruit wise are bananas! My boss hit the nail on the head when he said ‘have you ridden many bikes likes this’ and I replied ‘er I rode a Yeti 575 really slowly down a fire road once’ not really ‘experienced’ or comparable! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Getting back to the shop it was nice to know I wasn’t the only one who’d had a minor tree interface whilst bombing around in the woods though!

Finally I leave you with this as it’s brilliant!

Woman, bike, woman, bike...where do I look!

5 thoughts on “Sunn(oh!)

  1. Cool Benny, I am knowhere near your league of cycling fast (as im too scared at the moment) but love cruising round Brighouse! Maybe one day i will be fast enough and cool enough for the Punk Rock Bike Club ; )

  2. yehuda moon rules! sounds like a fun ride, should’ve garroted the mutt, no, the owner of the mutt. those telescopic leads are a menace. grrrr! test rode our new ti touring frame/forks today. felt as good as my 753 frame. now that’s praise indeed! not sure what i’d have made of that full bouncer you tested, brain would have gone into meltdown trying to figure out all them gears!

  3. We’re an inclusive bunch, speed isn’t necessarily the most important thing. Lots of hills to ride up and down in Brighouse!

  4. it was the colin designed one, though we’re spoilt for choice at the mo with the dawes and sabbath ones in stock too. they’ve both got steel forks, ours has Ti, they are a plush ride!

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