Photo blog 2

These are quite old now but I had some time off so rode my mountain bike in a few novel places (New Forest, Wareham Forest and Purbecks). I’ve been riding the Tricross on the road since but not taking photos. Hence the lack of posts from me…don’t expect any more anytime soon as I’m working 10 days straight now as we take the shop to Mountain Mayhem next weekend.

The New Forest, all fire road but I didn't fancy risking a £500 fine.
Trainspotting anyone?
New Forest horse just to prove I was there.
Morden Bog, Dorset.
Wareham Forest, some of this.
Plus some of this (there are people living out here I think)
Found this cheeky bit of footpath on my loop where deer ran across in front of me!
Which way home?
Studland Bay
Old Harry Rocks
On top of the world?
Corfe Castle

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