Oh yeah I’m praying for rain

Before we begin this entry it is brought to you by the following.


Not  because I’m drinking it, it is just what I did a lot today! I went to Cannock Chase and rode the ‘Follow the dog’ trail with the new ‘Monkey trail’ loop as well…the whole thing is a decent and quite a long ride especially in the searing sunshine that is currently prevalent. It was nice to get into some of the wooded sections for a bit of shade. On the whole I’m happy with how I rode today, I rode elements of the red graded trails that 9 months ago when I went to Gisburn with Tom I would have bottled. There were however some bits where skillz eluded me, steps down round a corner for example or a steep downwards jumble of rocks round a corner. The latter I went up to the lip 5 times before deciding I wouldn’t do it, grrr! With it being so dry the going was very loose and even some of the fire roads felt a bit sketchy under wheel (as it were), this resulted in the numerous dabs mostly when going up or down a set of curves of which there are a few at Cannock. I got round some in a pretty tidy fashion but others didn’t quite go as planned. It was nice to meet a couple of guys half way round and follow them for a bit who seemed to be the same sort of standard as me so I wasn’t demoralised by some of the failures.

On the whole the Monkey trail is more technical than Follow dog, with more climbing and then steeper descents, I’m glad I went to gauge my current standard. Now to decided if I ride the Singletrack Weekender or not, on the whole I think I’d be ok as long as there aren’t any steep jumble of rock descents round a corner…oh it’s at Lee Quarry isn’t it, shit. 😉

I’m hoping me posting a lot of entries will shame the others to follow suit, but if anyone wants to write for the blog then let me know…we could do with it being more than me! All you have to do is ride a bike, like punk rock (I guess, but maybe not) and have something to say!

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