100% record, 1 for 1!

So tonight I went down to Hanley Swan and entered the ‘have a go’ time trial organised by V.C. Sevale which despite the unlikely name is the local cycling club here in Malvern. I only knew about this event because the shop were providing gift vouchers for the prizes. So I thought I’d go along and see how I could do over the 5.5 mile course, in the back of my mind I had an idea I’d like to ride it in about 15 minutes which is roughly an average speed of 20mph.

So come the prize giving they announce the best mtb, the best woman and the best under 18…only one prize left best novice. Drum roll and the winner is me!! At which point I am hugely embarrassed have to explain that I work at the shop and donate my prize to the second place novice. So 1 for 1…the question is do I go and have a go at the 10 mile time trail a week Thursday?

To be honest whilst actually cycling the race I was not enjoying it in the slightest, it was really hard work and I only managed a time of 15 minutes 35 seconds, which is an average speed of 21mph plus I think but still 35 seconds longer than I would have liked. Once I’d finished though my brain seemed to think that what I had just done was great fun and clearly I should do it again over twice the distance!

Sorry for the lack of pictures before I rode I was too nervous and feeling a little ‘new’ and not confident to start snapping away, afterwards I was just tired and catching my breath for a a while and then more interested in chatting, having a quick pint and recovery.

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