Fame, no fortune

It came as a surprise to me, apparently a couple of people in the office knew, that I’m in this months BikeBiz magazine. BikeBiz is an ‘industry’ magazine for the cycle trade. It goes to shops, magazines, distributors, etc.

It feels a bit odd. I haven’t seen the magazine yet, this photo was SMSed to me.
In other news, I went to the Dalby Mountain Bike World Cup. It was great. A large volume of people turned up to watch the racing and the finish was actually very exciting, with a sprint between the Olympic Champion Julien Absalon and Nino Schurter. Schurter winning by 26″ (read about that here).

I also got a chance to ride the course on a borrowed bike. Hotlines distribution kindly lent me a Ghost AMR5900. Ghost is a German brand they’ve just started distributing in the UK. And apart from the creaking headset it was a very nice bike. The suspension just did its job with little ‘getting used to it’ time. It also had a nice tapered headtube and post mount rear brake. It just felt right from the start…although I’d put a slightly shorter stem on.

It was a pretty tough course and gave me a new respect for those cross country racers. It was technically very challenging with plenty of black and double black sections, and even a triple black dropoff. I managed to ride it after dropping my seat. These guys were riding it on their XC bikes with seat at full extent. There were chicken runs for the black options but they went out of their way to make you lose a place or two if you chose it. To power round 5 or 6 times takes some serious mental concentration.
Provided the ash cloud stays out of my way I’ll be going to Spain tomorrow for a week’s mountain biking around Malaga with Joyriders. We’re (Singletrack Magazine) doing a bike test, I’ve got myself a nice Saracen Ariel to play on.

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