A day late and a dollar short?

Ok so yesterday was World Book Day, I actually thought it was tomorrow. Anyhow in celebration of this celebration of reading and books here some of the stuff I’ve been reading, naturally it covers my vast range of interests in life. 😉

Velo club de punk rock!

I’ve finished the Hour book and I’m halfway through the one about Crass, I would recommend both. The Hour by Michael Hutchinson is really funny and yet very touching and interesting, the guy is completely sane whilst also being a complete nut job it’s brilliant. The Crass book starts off with the background of the main players in art school and then sixties ‘counter culture’* and the avant garde art/music at that time through to their emergence as a major force in the second wave of punk bands in the UK. It’s really interesting to see how the use of certain images, words and language for often quite simple reasons was often misunderstood or misrepresented, I’m looking forward to finishing the rest.

Reading is not all books though so I have this on the go too!

Two bags of speed and five hundred copies of my motherfucking fanzine!

I haven’t read Cometbus in an age, but picked up two issues in the US last year. This issue appears to be about ‘alternative entrepeneurs’* and radicals in Berkley in the 60’s and 70’s and is actually really good. Almost like a history of an area but at the same time part biography, I’m not sure how you track it down in the UK but I guess you could write direct to Aaron, PO Box 4726, Berkeley, CA 94704, the fanzine is $3 but chuck in some more for postage (S.A.E?) and I assume he’ll send you whatever the latest issue is.

To be honest I’m really out of the fanzine loop so if anyone wants to fill me in then I would be appreciative! On the book front I think I’m getting the Graham Obree book for my birthday at the end of the month so I’m looking forward to that, the message of todays post? Hey kids get your reading skills on!

*for want of better terms!

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