Sublimation station

I warn you now this post contains the ‘c-bomb’ within it, all those of a pious and judgmental nature stop reading now.

So the CD player in my ‘car’ has stopped working and as I own only two tapes* I’ve been reduced to listening to the radio. Living in the West Midlands that means I have the dubious pleasure of being able to get Kerrang! Radio on FM. Being an ‘alternative’ station the song Kings and Queens by 30 Seconds to Mars is on heavy rotation. The other day I had an epiphany and noticed something, when listening to the song I couldn’t not think about the video, you know the one, the video with lots of people riding bikes. Here it is for those of you who are interested in all things bike but somehow missed it.

So this got me to thinking, maybe the UK government, British Cycling and those other bodies who are trying to promote cycling and increase the number of journeys by bikes should take the positive subliminal effects of cycling in visual media to the masses. I mean the obvious place to start would be the type of joined up thinking we never see and Kano’s next ‘Diploma’ video should also include some people cycling.

The Learning and Skills Council and British Cycling is clearly a match made in heaven but why stop there. I was talking about taking this subliminal messages to the masses. The delivery system clearly should be TV soap operas, if Casualty and The Bill haven’t had Paramedics or Police on bikes yet, why not! But why stop there I bet you could squeeze a tall bike joust into Hollyoaks easy, Coronation Street could visit the Manchester velodrome for some track racing and well Ian Beale setting up a bike courier firm in Albert Square isn’t that far fetched although that particular plot line might actually not feature many bikes in shot (they’d all be hanging around in central London waiting for a job I assume). I’m sure there are some more ‘out there’ options too to squeeze some more bikes onto our screens and into our consciousness.

Easy…if you want to get people on their bikes then beam bikes directly into their skulls whilst they sit tongues lolling on the settee every night. Am I Right? who’s with me? What’s on the telly?

*If anyone would be so kind to make me a cassette tape to listen to in my car I would be very grateful, I don’t actually want to listen to the radio you understand and although I don’t drive my car much these days some cracking hardcore punk rock tuneage would make those few instances I do much more enjoyable. This is assuming that anyone still has the technology to create mix tapes these days I know that I don’t.

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