Out of shape.

Okay, this is just a brief ride report after a prompt from Ben on twitter after I had mentioned being out on my bike. Though it could probably be more accurately described as less a ride report, and more a musing on how out of shape I am and what I (in theory at least) intend to do about this.

Having a day off today and having watched some highlights of the Tour of Qatar last night on the idiot lantern, I figured I absolutely had to make the most of today and get out on my bike. And so this is what I did. Now 2010 has not got off to a great start for me with regards to cycling, as I have (supposedly) been relatively busy on my days off and not squeezed in many rides. This is nonsense, as there’s always time for even a quick half hour spin just to keep the legs and lungs working. And herein lay my problem for this ride; it became abundantly clear to me on the first bit of moderate incline that I really need to get out on my bike more, otherwise it can be quite unpleasant.

I am ashamed to say that at the top of what isn’t really much of a hill in Meanwood, opposite that grim retail park where there’s a big Greggs and an Aldi (the glamour of Yorkshire…), I had to dismount for a couple of minutes breather. At least it was at the top I guess, but still, not good enough. Hopefully, admitting this here will spur me on to sort myself out.

Anyway, as the ride progressed, things got a little bit better and my jelly legs and searing lungs quieted themselves somewhat. It wasn’t an especially interesting ride – I notched up a meagre ten miles or so, just around the north of Leeds, as part of my ride plan was checking out an area over between Chapel Allerton and Roundhay that my friend is thinking of moving to.

But regardless of this, I have learnt a couple of things. The first is that I need to make the most of every opportunity I get to ride, as it makes every ride more pleasant and less painful. The second is that Qatar is incredibly flat, and Leeds is not, and so it is wise to be careful where you take your inspiration to ride from.

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