Dig for victory

For the Yorkshire readers (not me anymore)…SingleTraction are looking for people to get involved in digging at Stainburn.

Off the Singletrack World forum.

“Hi peeps, its 2010 and the weathers been pretty crap. How about coming up to Stainburn and helping us finish the Descent Line Extension.

Last January we started with a bang and got a line brashed and partialy rocked, we had something like 25 diggers, as the year went on numbers dwindled and the project stalled..

Staiburn has lots of challenges to offer but before we can add anything new we need to finish this project, come along, give us an hour or two or stay all day, work your nuts off or stand round leaning on your shovel talking bikes, we don’t care as long as you turn up!!

There’s a link below, thanks for looking – Jason


Having met some of the SingleTraction folk the day we went to Stainburn last year, they are jolly nice chaps and if you can spare some time do it!

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