Pouring one out for my dead homies

“Punk bike racing is dead. Hot Topic bike racing is in. But you knew that already.”
(All Hail The Blackmarket)

I don’t think it even made it to the UK before it died, did it? Someone tell me it did…

…or maybe I should get off my arse and do something about it.

Also if you’re pouring one out, raise the rest to your brethren* who are Bike messengers! Althought there is some conflict on the date (Stevil says 6th, Google says
9th)…so maybe raise one on Friday too!

Right I’m off to my local corner shop who I’ve discovered sell Irn Bru in glass bottles for authentic straight-edge ’40’ drinking!

*Is there a non-gender specific version of this word?

2 thoughts on “Pouring one out for my dead homies

  1. I can confidently say I’ve never seen a bike messenger in Leeds. There must be some…surely?
    Those Irn-Bru bottles are 750ml….that’s only 25 fl.oz! Get one of those 1L San Miguel bottles, get me to drink the contents, take the label off and fill it with a beverage of your choice, much more authentic. 😉

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