The shape of punk to come

So it seems that popular opinion (if you’re the Daily Mail) is that if you ride a bike and dress funny you’re some kind of subversive.

The conclusion, bike riding is the new punk rock! Instead of having to listen to that ghastly racket we can all assuage our middle class guilt by hopping on to two wheels and annoying car drivers.

But in all seriousness there seems to be a growing trend of expanding the ‘diy’ side of cycling into the design and production arena something that is commonplace for those with backgrounds in punk rock where bands will record, design and pay for the production of their own records.

Bicycle design is a little more complex so we’re not talking your average joe jumping in the deep end but with small companies like Dialled, Ragley and Cotic being receptive to sharing their experiences then the proliferation of knowledge should enable more people to really understand what they’re riding and become more involved in what they want to see from their bikes.

Taking this theme further the Spanner Cycles site is an interseting and informative read for anyone who wants to know why their bike performs as it does. It also pointed me to this which looks really useful and interesting although I haven’t ‘played’ with it yet.

Worth mentioning are the people who might not be at the point of commisioning their own bike frame but are building slowly to work in that direction such as Valiant Cycles who I was handed a flyer about at the Singletrack Classic Weekender in the summer but only just checked out…great site.

So ok, this is very mountain bike focused…but there must be similar things going on in the world of road bikes surely? Anyone able to fill me in, it can’t all be uber-technolgy and £1000+ wheelsets? I guess Sabbath might fit into this new breed of bike companies.

I am also aware that there are numerous small ‘garage’ bike companies in the USA but the continuation of that trend in the UK has got to be a good thing.

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