Back Alley

Rode my mountain bike for the first time in about 3 weeks last night. A local Leeds ride. Great ride, apart from one incident I’m in no hurry to repeat.

Were hammering down a back alley in Headingly heading towards Beckett Park.

“Back Alley” is the correct term. I was at the back of the group of 6. And this alley, running alongside the train tracks, was very narrow. Fence on one side, wet bushes on the other. Not wide enough to turn around.

Suddenly I hear gasps of desperation, shouting and gagging. “Shit” is the word I hear most. Then I see it. The track, for a good ten meters, is covered in human excrement. A burst sewer pipe, a train dump? I don’t know, but defenetily human. It stank, and there were wet wipes and the like floating on it’s surface.

I ride on, with my breath held tight (did I mention it stank?). Trying to maintain that magic speed to get through it as quickly as possible whilst minimising tire spray. My gag reflex getting a thorough workout.

The rest was really good though. It’s that time of year again, wet roots and wet rocks.

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